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Realwat is currently developing the Ti-Took™ Platform, the most comprehensive Web Browsing Experience for consumer and SMB.

With Ti-Took™ products and services, you will receive all the benefits of many IT Solutions all integrated into one platform with Single Sign-On. Ti-Took™ is four products in one.

For those who share a computer at home, have children or use Wi-Fi to access internet,Ti-Took™ is the solution to enhance and ease your web browsing experience while protecting your privacy and protecting you against man-in-the-middle attack .

Ti-Took™ allows you to manage your personal online bookmarks and access them from any pc, integrated network security and offers you different web browsing experience options for each usage through the Ti-Took™web browser.

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RealWat Inc. is a dynamic start-up company in the newly emerging field of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Information Security.
RealWat Inc. is the proud creator of the Ti-Took™ platform.
Ti-Took is a safe web browsing software solution that integrates design with innovative technology to deliver a fast, safe, easy and personalized web experience. Named after the tuk-tuk vehicles that carry riders anywhere all day long in East Asian cities and towns. Ti-Took is a simple, trustworthy way of navigating the complex and often dangerous world of the internet.
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